Chronic Candy : Lollipops and treats made with hemp essential oils minus active ingredients marketed as like taking a hit with every lick

Chronic Candy

Chronic Candy responded today to calls for its candy to be removed from the market.

The candies in question are lollipops and treats manufactured and distributed by Chronic Candy and made with hemp essential oils. Montana characterized the recent attacks on the company's products as grandstanding. Currently the company voluntarily markets these candies to adults.

The furor began with politicos in some locales demanding that the candy be taken off the market. Montana continued, "Why don't they remove certain toys from the store shelves instead of attacking a popular candy?"

Chronic Candy could well be used by those people seeking to kick the habit, because its rich flavor is so reminiscent of that substance without any of the pharmacologically active ingredients.

Montana continued, "We are open to working with politicians and community leaders to make sure that our product only reaches adults. That said, we have exhibited a social conscience over a sheer profit motive since our company began."

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